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Pet Pathogens

There are various diseases that can take the life of dogs. To save their lives, our company is delivering Pathogens Dogs Kits that are useful in detecting parvo-virus, distemper, and many other. The diseases that these kits help to detect are contagious and can easily transmit to other dogs. These kits are purchased in bulk by veterinary doctors and hospitals to have fast detection and treatment rate. A single pack of our Pathogens Dogs Kits contains at least ten pieces to perform the tests in a safe mode. 
Jiaxing Dawnsail Biotech Co. Ltd. has made Pathogens Cats Kits that are useful for cat parents and doctors to examine deadly diseases on time. These are primarily used to detect calici virus, herpesvirus, parvo, and many other viruses that are accountable for untimely and painful death of countless cats. They are compactly made in medical-grade plastic structure that is integrated with medically advanced systems. The provided Pathogens Cats Kits are cost-effective and revolutionary in the medical industry. 

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