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Pet Biomarkers

The provided Biomarkers Dogs Kits are specifically designed to identify the function of fibrin degradation. These are typically used to increase the secondary hyperfibrinolysis and active thrombus formulation in blood vessels of dogs. They are also integrated with quantitative immunofluorescent advancement that helps in detecting Canine DD level. Our Biomarkers Dogs Kits are simple to use and deliver results in just ten minutes. These are additionally utilized for exclusive diagnosis for acute thromboembolism. They come in a pack that consists at least 10 pieces. 
The offered Biomarkers Cat Kits are formulated to identify varied substances and elements in the feline community. These kits are designed for varied medical processes such as cardiovascular, blood, sperm and much more. They enable the doctors to perform complicated tests on the felines without investing much resources. These Biomarkers Cat Kits are cost-effective that does not only help the veterinaries but also the cat parents. With our kits, the doctors can examine varies results in only ten minutes. 

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