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Our Team

We are a team of 50 highly educated and skilled experts in the field of Nanotech, medical & health sciences. In our prolific team, we have 2 professionals with Ph. D., 1 graduate from Harvard University and 4 masters in degrees of health science/nanotech. These finest brains in the field are right now working together in the development & enhancement of Laboratory Ungrouped, Biomarker Cats, Pathogens Cats, Pathogens Dogs, Biomarkers Dogs, Conical Centrifuge Tube, Durable Micropipette and Medical Devices. Our team members are highly enthusiastic about developing the finest health detection systems and contributing to the society.

Our Infrastructure & Its Benefits

At Jiaxing, Zhejiang (China), we have our ultramodern, safe and highly prolific infrastructural facilities. With 800 sq. m. GMP workshop, our team is able to perform tasks in exceptionally convenient ways. This place is highly experimental yet completely quality-controlled as per international standards.

Quality Maintenance

After our research, studies & development in the field for 6 months, we completed the invention of 8 kits for health detection. Our highly resourceful invention is a reliable system for testing health promptly, accurately & conveniently. We supply items including Biomarker Cats, Pathogens Dogs, Pathogens Cats, Biomarkers Dogs, Medical Devices and Laboratory Ungrouped after 30+ tests listed for these products. We ensure that only qualified items are dispatched and delivered by our end to the respective customers with utmost security.

Reasons To Choose Us 

With our close cooperation with national nanotechnology center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, we potentially have high advantage in nanotechnology domain for health testing. Today, our network wide spreads from China to more than 300 cities across the world and, we have 5000+ hospitals as our esteemed clients. Some of the advantages of our company are:

  • We are highly active for economic & environmental growth in the sector.
  • Our purpose is to keep researching and analyzing better techniques in nanotech for health devices.
  • We are easily accessible and always prepared for any urgent requirement of customers.
  • Our work is to ensure that customers receive finest health detection systems within cost-effective rates.

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